MKMMA Experience – Week 6

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Put on Your Big Girl Pants …

to Great Health and Wealth!


Learning more this week from my MKMMA experience, I laughed the first time I heard Mark J. mention to “put on your big girl/boy pants”.   My youngest son would say this to me when I was in situations where, although I usually remained as strong as possible, he would see me faltering.   He’d say, come on, “Put on your Big Girl Pants”, you can do this.   And how many times had I said to him “You can Do This”, shouting it from the sidelines of football fields and wrestling mats.

But the point Mark J. is making, is it is time to put on your Big Girl & Boy pants and start to think for yourself and control those thoughts to better your health, life, happiness and Bliss…

How often did I want to say, when trying to make people understand how much the product I took to save my life helped me and could help them, that they needed to think for themselves and not always rely on what their doctor’s said, because the doctors were working with only the information they had learned.   I have to admit, I was hurt that they did not have faith in how I was trying to help them.   But then I started to learn more about how the mind works, even before the MKMMA journey began.   That the subconscious, making the decisions, was basing the reply on all of the information they had learned from other people.   And, yes, much of that information was from the perspective of a very young child.   Also, that depending on the language I used (and Mark is always telling us how important wording is) they just didn’t understand what I was saying – like speaking another language and if they heard anything that sounded like ‘salesmen lingo’ look out, the wall went up and nothing else got through.   Too bad, because I have helped many that I did convince, that there were other ways to prevent and reverse disease.

Some of those good old saying are so true!   We are what we eat! We are what we Think!

One my mom use to say was “Think of the Devil and they Will Appear”, but if you had really been thinking about someone a lot, quite often you would get a call from them!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the subby has some very good advice for us, like the feeling that someone is not safe and we should get away as quickly as possible. But, the fact that subby thinks, as a child learned – To stay away from strangers – Is not a good thing to be listening to over and over if you are in sales/marketing and you are afraid to talk to strangers LOL   Just doesn’t work out well, so that is where our MKMMA training is going to be so HELPFUL!

So, this is how the course is further helping my health and happiness, by controlling my thoughts about strangers, that I can talk to strangers,   By controlling my thoughts I don’t need to be so nervous when speaking.   By controlling my thoughts and helping my inner light to shine with love and care, people will hear my stories better!

An example of this happened this week.   I had a great ‘aha’ moment.   I had helped my brother to reverse many of the symptoms he had with last stages of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and schizophrenia.   I was asked to share his story on an information call with my business partner interviewing me and the call would include people from across Canada and US.   And, I have to admit before MKMMA, even if I seemed to have a calm exterior, I would feel my heart start to beat harder and faster and I would worry about what people thought, which I am sure affected what I said and how I sounded, but I found that I was a lot calmer this time, and just really wanted people to hear my story, so I could help more. As a result, I got a very nice note from one of the listeners that said my kind, giving spirit came through on the call and thanked me for a great experience.   How kind and awesome was that note!   Made me feel ‘this little light of mine’ is shining brighter!   Which made me so much happier – and I wanted to pass on some kindness via Facebook and Twitter – how awesome this world is going to be, filled with more love and kindness!

How many people who are on pharmaceuticals for depression, anxiety and other mental issues are going to be helped by our knowledge of alternative healing and controlling our thoughts – A DREAM COME TRUE.

So, although, I will still go down to the water, to walk by my favourite lake, river or stream to calm my mind, it is so great that I have more tools in my tool kit and

‘I will be, what I will to be….’

Wishing you great health and wealth,     Connie (the momma) McCracken


MKMMA Experience – Week 5


My blog this week is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine that passed away on the weekend

There’s a new angel in heaven.

Once I stopped crying for a bit, I started to think of the many happy times we had shared.   I had watched the Mark J. video about what we need to do for Week 5 and he had mentioned a snapshot of a time to keep in your mind that showed a feeling and I immediately had one about Marilyn.

I think it is important for other MKMMA people to note that I thought that if I heard that my friend had died, I really worried, that it might really spiral me into depression, but because of the way this program is helping us, I am processing it far better than I had envisioned – thanks Mark J, Davene and team!

We had both had operations for cancer, Marilyn had also had chemo, and now we were in Kingston, Ontario, Canada for radiation. Because we had daily treatments and lived too far away to travel back and forth to our homes there was a house we stayed in during the week.

This house had been converted into small rooms with single beds and a small sink in each room. There was a large main meeting room with puzzles, books etc. and TV and it had a big kitchen where we all met to get our meals. I remember particularly, for whatever reason, that there was a huge walk-in cold storage area and we each had our own bin to put the food we brought from home in.

Now you might think that walking into this situation would be very depressing, but surprisingly the gals and guys all tried to help and uplift each other.   Many tried to reassure each other about what was about to happen so it would not seem as scary.

People came and went, but I ended up being very close to 2 gals there, Marilyn being one of them, and we did everything together. There were a lot of museums and places to see near-by and so we would pick something each day to go and do.   Somehow we had picked the furthest away first, which was good as near the end of my treatments I got I could not walk very far.   And the best part was that we were on Lake Ontario, so we could sit by the water and watch the birds fly by, see the boats and watch the children playing.   Oh my, the water was so soothing, in my mind that was probably what got me thru those 7 weeks!!

Anyway the picture I hope I will always see, was one night our ‘three amigos’ decided we would look in the fridge/freezer that had a few communal food items, to see if there was anything we could eat (I sure wish my friend was here to ask why we decided to do this), anyway we came across these old tubs of ice cream that we thought we would delve into.   And although you can’t possibly see why we thought this next part funny, we did – the ice cream was old and shrivelled from the sides of the containers and we looked at each other as if to say – well are we going to try eating this and broke into peals of laughter.   Now, for those who know me, sometimes once I get laughing I can’t stop, water spurts from my eyes, and I have actually gotten asthma from laughing so much.

But there we were, 3 gals, not knowing whether we would survive our illness and yet we laughed until our ribs hurt and actually slid down the counter almost to the floor we laughed so hard.   What a marvelous moment of comradery and bliss as we shared that good time/funny time together.   We had taken lemons and made lemonade.   We were living in that moment alone – and isn’t that what this course is trying to teach us.   Just enjoying being with each other in the moment living without fear.

I sure wish someone had taken a snapshot of that moment so I could see Marilyn and Pat holding their stomachs, we laughed so hard.   If laughter is the best medicine, we sure must have healed that night.

Marilyn and I did get together at least once a month after we left that hospital, but we couldn’t seem to track down our other friend.   I hope she survived, but I was afraid she didn’t.   So now I am one.

Marilyn and I had many times together after we got out of the hospital, and as we both needed healing after our treatments were over, many of our times included walking by the water!   She lived near a waterway in a town not too far from where I live, and I also, as mentioned before, live near lakes and rivers, so every time we got together we picnicked or walked and chose restaurants by the water and that made our time together even more special.

My friend Marilyn had a daughter with autism and my Definite Major Purpose reads that I hope to help children with autism with the product that helped save me in so many ways.   By the time I reach the goal from this DMP a study in Florida should be finalized to help me with this wish.

I hope that Marilyn’s son will read this dedication of his mother.

My friend Marilyn was:

Brave –  She spent every day trying her hardest.   I gave her tips to help with cancer, but I unfortunately do not practice what I preach like Marilyn tried. She could be far more positive than me, even though I was the one trying to help her feel better.

Caring & Good Mother –   She cared so much for her family.   She often talked about what she was picking up for them and how excited and proud she was of her son and daughter-in-law on their wedding day.   I loved to hear her describe the dresses and theme for the wedding etc.

Organized – Every time I saw her she had just been to a meeting to help her daughter with autism or was going to one after we met for lunch.

Good friend –  She often talked about her friends and what they were doing. She had many good ones that helped her and visited her when they found out she wasn’t doing as well.

I tried telling her how much she meant to me the last time I saw her, but didn’t do a very good job.   I hope she knows – I think she does.

I am so glad she got to go on a trip to British Columbia to have fun with friends she had a trip England and also New York with family – it was great to hear that she had such a good time.

To her husband, and family I hope time will soon ease their pain. I wish I could say the words that would make them smile.   I hope this memory of how special she was, will help a little.

Luv you Marilyn – I know you are happy on the other side!   I sure am going to miss you…   One of the Three Amigos

MKMMA Experience – Week 4




images[2]         Waterfall Cleansing and Rejuvenation


Yes, for those of you who have followed my blog, I am still on a water theme. It still fits in with this week’s experiences!

But before I start, I’d like to mention that there is a young Canadian man who realized he had a special gift at a very young age.   Children don’t realize they are different until adults start telling them what they are feeling or seeing is wrong -until their parents tell them so, and that they must change and fit in with what they call “being normal”.   Anyway, this young lad had supportive parents! His mother was very ill and suffered terribly.   This young lad could not stand to see her suffer. The gift that he had, and which he honed, was that he would see a vision of the person and what organ etc was causing their problem.   He went to his mother’s bedroom and saw a large red ball of light in her head that was causing her terrible pain and he thought I will just reach in and pull out her problem. He visualized it, did it, and his mother recovered from her debilitating illness.  

This young man went on to heal others, at his parent’s prompting.   Then went on to show many how people could heal themselves and did healing sessions in large auditoriums. Even healing singer Ronnie Hawkins of cancer, by visualizing his healing from British Columbia while Ronnie lay in a bed less than an hour from where I live in Ontario.

One of  the healing techniques he teaches others to do, is to visualize being under a waterfall, and feel it healing you and cleansing away your aches and pains, relaxing your body to heal itself ….


As I walk toward the waterfall, I feel the cooling, calming moisture on my skin.   And this week has had some of those feelings.   I believe I have been feeling more confident, calm, assured and more care-free.

Droplets of water fall on my face as I get closer to the waterfall, and I have been having splashes of aha moments and signs that I am shedding some of the plaster that was weighing me down, and my light is beginning to shine brighter.

But as I get closer to Week 4 webinar, I plunge entirely into the cold water and there is a feeling of drawing back, because the water is so cold and I am startled, but then I get use to the cascading water and adjust to the temperature.  This week we were told would be a bit of shock but I have gotten through it, more of the baggage washes away, and I feel calmer and exhilarated all at the same time.

While under the waterfall, I see the sun sparkle thru the water and I know I am refreshed, recharged and ready to go on with my journey – skin tingling and super-charged, ready to give 100%

Shouting with joy and exhilaration – I quote the words of Og Mandino – last line of the first scroll in his book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”,

Today, I am a new woman, with a new life!”



MKMMA Experience – Week 3

DSCF0100 (2)Mahalo

Well, when I was meditating on this, the words were flowing, but now that I am trying to recall my great ideas at the time, they aren’t coming quite as fast.   However, I do recall, that Mark J mentioned to see the connections between things this week, and although this is not what I think he had in mind, when thinking about my post this week – I thought, well, I have kind of started a bit of a water and surfing theme (any co-incidence to the fact that I am a blue personality)?  And this relates to me and my DMP how?

So, while digging into my life, and what I want, I have been saying for years that I wanted to live by the water.   But lately, that has been changing, I am older, and more convenient, I guess, to live in town?   But also I can see in my future that my journey to better health has led me to be able to travel and my DMP is to definitely travel more!   Delving into my inner-self, I can’t help but think that I have, since I can recall, dreamed of the same location, on the water with a large rock cliff to the right of me.   Past life experience?   Not sure, but sure has been a recurring recollection.   And, when told to go to my happy place, it is always on the water.   If I am frustrated, mad or upset, you know where to look for me down by the water, and luckily where I live, a few minutes in any direction can have me beside a river or lake. So ain’t I lucky.

Analyzing further, if I am crossing a bridge, (like the one used to describe going towards our DMP) the draw of the water or the energy that I receive from it, is always noticeable to me.   Especially the bridge over the waterway in which my brother drowned in his early 20s.   You would think that would have made me want to stay away from water.   But no, I loved water-skiing when I was young, and have not had the opportunity, for many years, to do so.   Cancer eight years ago and radiation made me nervous for several reasons to try waterskiing again, but main reason was that the radiation was to have affected my bones, so my conscious mind was saying   NOOOOO!!     I did, however, get up on a paddle board and got to glide around a lake for a bit this summer, so can take that off my bucket list.   Tried kayaking, thinking it would be easier than canoeing – WRONG! Landed literally, on my arse, (as the Newfoundlander’s would say}, which I was reminded of daily for several weeks – certainly slowed down my walking   lol

So where are all of these ramblings about water leading me, not quite sure, but I certainly am on a river of emotions!   Maybe my talking about water is part of washing away my old blueprint? Water and rebirth?   Well, now I am getting even too mystical/analytical even for me!   Lol

Maybe week 4 will lead me to answers…

I do know all of this self-analysis has led me to rethink one of my PPNs(Personal Pivotol Needs) – so think I will work that into my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) rewrite for this week.

And, I guess the point of my information sharing for this week is that my blog is still on the theme of water and water sports.   Really wondering where these wild waves of emotions, ideas and inner thoughts will lead to next week??


MKMMA Experience – Week 2


Here is a little something about me.   The only place I ever really wanted to visit when I was very young was Hawaii.   I can remember enjoying to get to do a project on it in school and also helping my son do a project on Hawaii.   I , like many in the 50s and 60s, was in love with Elvis Presley, who starred in Blue Hawaii.   I got to go to experience my dream and travelled to 3 of the Hawaiian Islands a few years after I was married and loved it!

I have been on a journey of spiritual discovery and road to better health for some time now, and I can’t help but think that now I am taking a course based from Kauai. How much more exotic and fascinating for me.   I can’t help but wonder if there is some significance??

This is my second blog with the MKMMA and I can hardly believe what I have already learned and experienced!   As Mark says, “You can teach an old dog new tricks”, LOL.

For our second draft of our Definite Major Purpose, (the dreams of what we want to be and accomplish) we had to add in two ‘Personal Pivotal Needs’.   Mark J had us write out a list of seven needs with our left hand, so mine was hardly fit to read, but I chose two quite quickly, that I felt I needed.   He then had us close our eyes for a few minutes and then circle two needs as rapidly as we could.   I circled two other needs?   Interestingly enough ones that I thought I already had a pretty good handle on.   So I can only deduce that my conscious mind picked two needs and my subconscious the other two needs.   Wondering if anyone else in the course had experienced this phenomenon, I put the question under our ‘alliance’ section and found out I was not the only one that had this experience.   I am sure this mystery and answers will unfold as the course progresses.

We also had to write out a couple of promise cards, one saying that we would finish a particular chore, by a particular day. We had to draw a blue rectangle on the card and then were told to notice how many blue rectangles we saw during the week.   Notice anything about my blog?

This week’s lesson requirements seemed a little easier in terms of my being more organized and I am looking forward to hearing and seeing what is in store for next week. I hear weeks 4/5 will be pivotal weeks for ‘aha’ moments, so I am really looking forward to more exciting changes.

If the first week of this course was a surfing wipe-out experience, I now feel like I am starting to get my balance and hope to be gliding along the waves, confident and carefree very shortly!

Mahalo   MKMMA

Masterkey Experience – riding the waves WEEK 1



Wow what a rush of emotions, uncertainties, adrenaline, relief, tears of joy and whatever else those tears are all about, LOL.

Yes, I am describing week 1 of MKMMA six month training course.

I was out of town the weekend of our first Sunday webinar and not sure how much I would be printing out (and my colour code is blue) so I stocked up on toner and paper. Luckily I learned just before leaving for the weekend that I could download and print my lessons and a good thing, because I really needed to read over some of the information. I was also lucky to get the email and register before I left town.

Sunday night arrived, and it was an information packed roller-coaster webinar! Head spinning!

But I was reassured by some of the next day comments, such as, “Feels like I just got hit by a mack truck”, that I was not the only person feeling a little overwhelmed.   The webinar coming from   Hawaii, I think the experience might have had the rush of the first time you try to get up on a surf board and you realize you are starting in the big wave surf.   Now, I have never surfed before, even though I have visited Hawaii, but I am thinking that my stomach, head and nerves would be upside down and swirling as though I had just wiped out.

But, plunging on to writing my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) , it seemed to flow from my pen, so I am hoping that was a good sign that universal knowledge was helping me. And, that my new guide won’t say, “Well, maybe we should just start over”.   Yikes!

Still trying to get all of my new lessons accomplished, this is my first blog for the course, first blog ever, except for a few lines when I set up my page, so I hope it has been somewhat interesting and surely heartfelt.

I think I am already feeling more energized and excited by the entire experience!

Can’t wait to get on the next wave – I think it’s going to be an awesome ride.   On to week 2. …    Connie, the momma, McCracken